Welcome to the GIFTEDGURU

Become a force for good in the
lives of gifted children.

Are you a teacher serving gifted students? You’re in the right place to master meeting the needs of gifted kids! Whether you’re new or a veteran teacher, let’s raise your teaching practice to the stratosphere!

Giftedness can be a gift, not a struggle. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you master the needs of gifted kids. Let me guide you through the maze quickly and easily.

I’m Lisa Van Gemert. I’m an educator by training, and I’m a Giftedland native – I was a gifted student, I’ve raised three gifted kids, and I’ve taught gifted students. The gifted trifecta!

My favorite day of school ever was the day in 6th grade when I took the Stanford-Binet LM test. I know. It’s weird. Well, weird-ish.

My goal isn’t to be the Gifted Guru myself, but rather to help everyone be a gifted guru. Let’s master gifted together!

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